Using the OM sound before your affirmations, meditations, and prayers elevates your consciousness to a soul octave that connects with the Field of Infinite Potential.


Burning Bowl-2018Dec31

Discover a powerful spiritual practice that symbolically releases anything that no longer serves you, to make room for your greater good — in a flash!


Personal Change Master-2018Dec7

Personal Change Master is a spiritual practice that strengthens your ability to welcome change, manage ambiguity in your life, ad climb out of self-imposed ruts. (By the way, we use …


Ananda Moments-2018Nov20

Ananda means JOY, and this podcast shares a spiritual practice that maximizes your power to experience joy in every moment! We share some neuroscience that supports the power of this …



Affirmations! Do you know how to use them as a Spiritual Practice that can enhance your quality of life and bring abundant joy to everything you do? We talk about …