Chanting-spiritual practice

Chanting-Reciting Mantras-2019June21

Chanting and reciting mantras are spiritual practices that heal at the cellular level and purify your physical, mental, and emotional attributes. It’s easy to do, and has lots of benefits.


365 Vacations-2019May30

Take 365 vacations! How does that sound for a benefit plan? We’re serious! This spiritual practice recommends that you take 365 Spiritual Vacations every year! You’re going to love this one!

Honor Your BS-2019May17

Honor Your BS! Before your jaw drops, let’s be clear we are talking about Belief System! This spiritual practice invites you to expand your BS to include science and spirituality, and experience an increased sense of peace, understanding, and strength.

Commune With Nature-2019Apr29

Communing with nature as a regular spiritual practice is a great way to nourish and renew ourselves, and optimize our mental, physical, and spiritual health.


Silent Relaxation-2019Feb19

Silent Relaxation provides a powerful Spiritual Practice designed to help you unwind, and release the tensions you unknowingly carry with you as you move through your “skin school” experience.