Affirmations-spiritual-practice-podcastAffirmations! Do you know how to use them as a Spiritual Practice that can enhance your quality of life and bring abundant joy to everything you do? We talk about that in this podcast, and share some science about affirmations that will blow you away! We clarify the meaning of both affirmations and denials, and tighten up the whole relationship of affirmations to the Law of Mind Action. You’ll learn the difference between Mind Action and Mind Auction, get some specific examples of what Mind Auction might look like in your life, and then we wrap up with “Your Spiritual Practice” related to affirmations … a 3-step action plan to help you walk the spiritual path on practical, joyful feet!


This practice comes from their excellent book Life-Changing Spiritual Practices, Volume 1, which you can purchase for a special 10% discount by using this link and adding coupon: PODCAST10.


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