Using the OM sound before your affirmations, meditations, and prayers elevates your consciousness to a soul octave that connects with the Field of Infinite Potential.


Burning Bowl

Discover a powerful spiritual practice that symbolically releases anything that no longer serves you, to make room for your greater good — in a flash!


Rendezvous With Your Past

Rendezvous With Your Past is a great spiritual practice that helps you reflect on who you were, who you are, and WHEN you are! Revs. Bil & Cher walk you …

Smartphoning-spiritual practice

Smartphoning as a Spiritual Practice

Make your smart phone REALLY smart with this spiritual practice! Discover how to transform your smart phone into a treasure trove of apps that will inspire your spiritual growth and enrichment.


Eliminating Religious Relics

Spiritual podcast to help you identify, eliminate, and replace embedded dogmatic beliefs from your past that get in the way of your spiritual enlightenment.


Personal Change Master

Personal Change Master is a spiritual practice that strengthens your ability to welcome change, manage ambiguity in your life, ad climb out of self-imposed ruts. (By the way, we use …


Sound Byte Directory

Sound Bytes and Tweetable Quotes as a spiritual practice? You bet! Discover how to create a Sound Byte Directory, and use it for your personal enrichment on a regular basis. …


Ananda Moments

Ananda means JOY, and this podcast shares a spiritual practice that maximizes your power to experience joy in every moment! We share some neuroscience that supports the power of this …